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Robyn Shaw, BFA, L-2, PN-L1

Robyn is the Nutrition Coach at BODZii and the girl behind the program. She has her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. She has experience and a passion for opening peoples eyes to the world of flexible dieting so they can reap the same benefits she had through her time working with a coach. 

As a fitness coach, she has her Level 2 CrossFit Certification and is studying for her Level 3.  After 3 years of CrossFit training, she turned to flexible dieting to help her reach her next level in the gym. Little did she know, it would affect all areas of her life and create a balance, happiness and appreciation for mindful eating. 

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Dan Visentin, l-2

6-year CrossFit gym owner (Crossfit 416)
CrossFit Coach (L-2, CF Weightlifting, CF Football, CF Movement & Mobility)

Dan knows first hand the effort it takes to run a successful gym. Dan's goal is to share with other gym owners the knowledge he has gained over the years of running challenges at his gym in order to offer all members out there the chance to progress through proper nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

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Emilie Trottier, R.D.

Emilie Trottier is our head Registered Dietitian at BODZii. She has been working with Evolved Sports Nutrition in Toronto for years and has teamed up with us to bring a broader awareness to flexible dieting outside of the gym. 

All new BODZii members will book an initial consultation with Emilie to review current lifestyle choices, goals etc. which will give Emilie the information she needs to provide you with your initial diet plan.

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Stephanie Boville, R.D.

Stephanie is our Registered Dietitian in our South Western Ontario region also working with Evolved Sports Nutrition.

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Debora Sloan, R.D.

Debora is our Registered Dietitian in our Eastern Ontario Region working in Ottawa and Montreal. Debora has her own practise and works closely with active individuals helping them perform and find their ideal body composition.

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Miryam Duquet, Coach

Miryam is currently studying to become a registered dietitian and is currently a BODZii nutrition coach in Ottawa and Montreal working in our Eastern Ontario Region. She is a passionate CrossFitter currently training at CrossFit NCR.

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Lauren Arbuckle, Coach

As an ex-bikini competitor, Lauren knows the dedication is takes to achieve ideal body composition. She also has the experience to know the amount of stress that can be caused to the body when we don’t take care of it properly. Lauren is here to work with you to achieve balance, and happiness with your diet.

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George Magdwick, coach

George is an experienced gym owner and has been in the CrossFit world for many years. Now with a family and being a fire fighter, he trains and coaches regularly at CrossFit Durst.

With his Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification, he’s joined Team BODZii with a passion for helping people learn how to eat to perform.