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Bodzii takes a holistic approach to creating better habits. It’s not all about the food.
— Rachel, Head CrossFit Coach and Athlete, Toronto
I feel fortunate that I’m seeing results and mega changes in my body and mentally how I view food but I don’t think that’s an accident— you legit know what you’re doing and from the other posts I’ve seen on Instagram, it’s really upping the ante on people’s training and lives in general.
— Lizzie, Ultra Marathon Runner, Vancouver
The program helped me identify my goal and coach Robyn worked with me to guide me at every step. My weekly check-ins kept me accountable and every week I learnt something new.
— Preeti, Toronto
Coach Robyn is just awesome. She gives me exactly what I need to pursue my training and I never feel burnt out. Training twice a day, feeling lean and more energized than ever!

— Natalie, Snowboard Athlete and CrossFit Competitive Athlete, Ottawa
I recommend you see for yourself the passion and dedication that goes into this program. Great information, even better source that it comes from.
— Ashley, Toronto

Our Proudest Moments

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nicole daniel

"I’ve followed BODZii’s cutting program for about 3 months and I’ve lost the 20lbs I put on last winter while still gaining more muscle than I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle..."

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Julie vincent

"The BODZii Nutrition Program taught me a lot about my eating habits and how they affected my life/body. I was not aware of how much emotional eating was affecting my life.   I decided to take control of it!  It's not always easy but when you are aware of it, it makes the whole process more manageable..."

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carmen Muniz

Carmen Muniz was a member of BODZii for three months. Working with her  drove home the importance of being consistent and learning from your mistakes. Carmen from day 1 was dedicated to the program and was open to any suggestions I would throw her way. Starting off as quite an emotional eater, she's now able to move forward on her own with clarity and understanding of her relationship with food and continue on a lifetime of progress. Here's what Carmen had to say about BODZii.

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Marta Wajda

"This made me realize how important my mindset was in this process. It’s one thing to sit down and feel passionate about a goal; but to actually put in the effort every day is always a struggle as it’s easy to lose that purpose and passion when surrounded by so many other daily tasks. Knowing this, Robyn helped me find ways to become self-aware of my goals on a more consistent basis and also help me prioritize my focus on sleep, meals and training when dealing with stress or lack of time."