Taking the InBody Scan  

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The InBody test provides a comprehensive view of a body’s composition balance, providing a detailed report outlining an individual’s measurements in such things as, but not limited to:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body fat
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat
  • Total body water
  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate

These elements, which are the components of the human body, all closely relate to our health. Therefore, using the method of quantitative analysis to study these elements of body composition, and body composition analysis, provides the basic information needed to assess the current status of the body.

Before the test, it's important to adhere to pre-test guidelines to ensure the best, most accurate results. Here are some things to help you prepare:

  • Assure the test is conducted before a meal
  • Make sure to use the bathroom
  • Do not exercise right before conducting the test
  • Stand still for few minutes before
  • Do not conduct the test right after a shower or sauna
  • Do not take measurements during the menstrual cycle
  • Do not conduct the test if you have a pace maker
  • If a retest is carried out, make sure to conduct the taste under the same condition

Please visit www.inbody.com for further information.