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I've been doing crossfit for a year and a half now, and lately my focus has shifted to performing better, not looking better. I found that I had little energy for workouts at the end of the day and that my progress was starting to plateau. Admittedly, I was probably eating around 1,500 calories per day and had never tracked my food intake in my life. I knew that I had to dial in my nutrition somehow. 

At first when the Bodzii team told me to eat 2,544 calories (and 287 grams of carbs!!!) a day I was skeptical, especially because I used to avoid carbs at all costs. I decided to trust them and stuck as closely as I could to my macros and calorie count. In one month, I noticed such a difference in my energy and performance in the gym. Not only did I feel stronger, but I also gained lean muscle and lost 3% body fat. Although the challenge ended almost a month ago, I've been sticking to my plan and continue to feel energized and see measurable progress in the gym. 

- Kailee Cuismano, +3lbs, CrossFit 416

The challenge was an overwhelming success in terms of my education and results.

My new knowledge on macros composition and tracking via MyFitnessPal. When tracking my food it was very clear I was lacking in certain areas (often not enough protein or healthy fats). Using the app, often early in the day planning my meals, I had a focused plan for the day to ensure my macro composition was inline and helped me stay the track.

Energy levels improvements were a significant output for myself. Prior to the challenge I would have two to three extra large Tim's coffees a day. Often out of habit but usually as a necessity. By the week three I didn't need the coffees and was scaled back to a medium every other day. My energy levels were up, no headaches, alert, and focused throughout the day.

I've always known the quantity of food needed to be increased to perform and look my best, however, what I really learned in this challenge was the quality of the food was the driver for myself personally. It's second nature now to look at the ingredients before purchasing at the grocery store and before heading out to a restaurant - reviewing the menu beforehand and completing research. These were big wins for me.

I used these FB live sessions more like a podcast to have in the background and when something peaked my interest or was applicable - really tuned in. The following tips stood out and helped in my progress:

a. The sudden increase in calories and try increasing a small amount each week. I found this advice very useful. Trying to eat 2850 calories of quality food was extremely difficult for me. But by increasing 150-200 calories every week by the mid challenge I was hitting my targets.

b. Balancing your protein with healthy carbs (i.e. oatmeal after a workout). I had always stuck to protein only.

c. Working through illness (or injury in my case). I blew my shoulder in a combined hockey/overhead squat midway through the challenge. I was devastated that this would take a large hit to my results. Hearing the timbit that 80% of results come from meals (remembering from memory here...may be off) and that even when we're sick we control what we put in our bodies.  This kept me positive. I still maintained my nutrition focus while balancing physio and lower body strength/WODs whereas a pre-challenge me would have paused (both diet and fitness) until full recovery from illness or injury.

Thanks again for the challenge!

-Paul Pettigrew, -11lbs, CrossFit 416