Week 1 Down!!!

Lifestyle Challengers! Congratulations, you’ve survived week one of the challenge! Now with a full week of macro counting under your belts, you may be looking for some clarification on a few things. Below are some nutrition education tips to keep you on your clean macro game, as well as an important additional to the points system.

 NEW RULE. Hitting your macro numbers within 5% can be very difficult. We don’t think you should get penalized if you ate well all day but didn’t hit your numbers. Starting today a new rule will be added; if you ate 100% clean but didn’t hit your numbers, give yourself a solid 3 points. All other points rules stand the same.

We’ve been getting some questions on how to best measure food. A nutrition label will give you the information for a product as is. So if it’s rice or oats you are measuring, the nutrition information is based on the raw form of that food. For simplicity, measure your food out in raw form. Water can be lost or gained in the cooking process which can affect the density of food, but this does not affect its macronutrient content. When measuring vegetables, it’s best to use a scale to measure the edible part of the vegetable you will be eating.

Another area to clarify is about oils and how to account for these in cooking. This is a tricky question based on what it is you are cooking. Some oil is lost in cooking while some is absorbed into food. If you’re using a quick spray of oil, the amount is negligible and doesn’t need to be accounted for in your macros. If you are adding say 1 tbsp of oil to a pan and majority of it is getting absorbed into the food with a small amount left over, assume all is included into your food.

When choosing cheese, make sure you are looking for the Milk Fat percentage on the label. This is listed as M.F. %. The picture below shows a feta cheese with M.F. 16%. Cheeses with over 20% M.F. are not allowed. This is to help keep your protein rich food sources low in fat which allows you to choose healthier fat sources from vegetable oils, avocado, and nuts/seeds.


Now onto week 2! If your first week wasn’t where you wanted your points to be, don’t sweat it! As you become more comfortable with the guidelines and portion sizing, you’ll become more comfortable with macro counting.

Here’s to looking good naked!

Happy counting,


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