Macro Tetris

Hey Lifestyle Challengers! We are here to announce our very first weekly challenge. We’re into week 2 of our Lifestyle Challenge and we have noticed how dedicated our members have been at making certain foods fit their macros. So what’s up for this week? #macrotetris. We all know that not every day can be a perfect day for eating, so when you’re left with 33g of protein, 7g of fat and 0 carbs at the end of the day… what interesting food combinations are you going to consume just so you hit your daily breakdown? We want you to share your most interesting food combinations that you have consumed in a pinch in order to “make it fit”.  How to participate:

1)Build your macro saving concoction

2)Snap a picture and post it to the Facebook group, or instagram and hashtag #BODZiistylechallenge #416macrotetris

3)Include the macro's that you needed to make up

4)Deadline Friday, January 27th 11:59pm.

The most innovative meals (voted on by the coaches) will win one of our weekly prizes.

Good luck and make it fit!!!

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