It's The Little Things

Deciding to make a lifestyle change is a huge pill to swallow. Maybe you’re someone who’s new to “dieting” and has never really attempted to create a shift in their lifestyle but has recently noticed their training isn’t getting them where they would like to be. After all, you can’t out-train a bad diet. Or maybe you’ve been through it all – Paleo, Zone, Keto, following strict meal plans, fasting, etc. and just haven’t been able to find something that is sustainable. For the amount of time you dedicate to training and getting a good sweat on, you should be able to show off what you work for by feeling great and looking great. What most people fail to realize is how important your entire lifestyle really is in playing a role towards these goals – feeling and looking great.

Since you're reading this, I take it you've started to think about, or have already decided to create this change in your lifestyle. In order to be most successful, we want t make sure we're not biting off more than we can chew. That's where things can go wrong and where most people usually fall off the wagon. It's all about the little changes you make that soon turn into good habits, ultimately forming a better lifestyle.

So where do I start? Here are some questions you can ask yourself. What kind of good habits to I currently have?

Do I drink enough water first thing in the morning?

Do I take my vitamins every day, especially if I know I'm deficient in a certain nutrient?

Do I turn screens off 1 hour before bed time to make sure I get a sound sleep?

Do I get enough green vegetables every day in my current diet?

If you've answered "No"  to any one of these questions, then you already know there's a small change you can make to ultimately create a better lifestyle for yourself. Start there.

Over time, these small changes add up. You start to trust yourself that you can create small shifts and stay accountable, and you're ready to tackle bigger challenges the more you build your confidence.

There's always something we can be doing to better ourselves. What can you do today?

-Coach Robyn