BODZii Testimonial - Julie Vincent

Julie Vincent recently finished the 6-week intensive program that BODZii offers. Over the course of the 6 weeks, she lost 9lbs and became much more confident and aware of her eating choices. Here's what she has to say: The process to sign up for the BODZii Nutrition Program was very convenient.  Robyn and Emilie made the program easy to follow, exciting and kept it professional. This encouraged me to join the program and provided me with the support to succeed.

The BODZii Nutrition Program taught me a lot about my eating habits and how they affected my life/body. I was not aware of how much emotional eating was affecting my life.   I decided to take control of it!  It's not always easy but when you are aware of it, it makes the whole process more manageable.

My relationship with food is definitely less emotional than it was 6-7 weeks ago. I'm much more accountable for the type and amount of food I'm having since I started counting my macros.  Tracking your food intake makes you aware of all your habits! For example, I didn't know that I was eating that much fat every day and that fat had such a big impact on my body composition.

I tracked my food on a daily basis and received helpful hints from Robyn as I went along.  Every week she surprised me with ideas on how I can continue achieving my goals. I found the weekly check-ins and support to be quite helpful.  What I also liked was that Robyn helped me set realistic goals that weren't too drastic. This contributed to my success in the program and will help me continue with my success after the program.

I definitely had the attention I needed to be successful.  I like the approach of having a call once in a while.  Furthermore, writing down how the week went and having Robyn replying with a lot of information and feedback was extremely valuable. Addressing why I was binge eating and planning my meals ahead of time helped with my success. Doing this introspection work helped take control of my eating patterns.

Without any hesitation, I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to have a better relationship with food.  The amount of knowledge, support, and growth I received from participating in this program will continue helping me in the future.

Don't overthink this and do it.  Change doesn't happen without any action.

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