BODZii Team: Meet Emilie Trottier

Emilie Trottier is our Registered Dietician at BODZii. All BODZii new members will book an initial consultation with Emilie to review current lifestyle choices, goals etc. which will give Emilie the information she needs to provide you with your initial macronutrients. To book your consultation with Emilie and become a member of BODZii, Click HERE!

Who are you and where are you from?
Name's Emilie Trottier (it's French) and I've lived in Toronto for almost a decade. I'm originally from a small town in Northern Ontario called Haileybury. Google it! She far.
What are your favourite types of activity? Least favourite?
Favourite types of physical activity are of course crossfit, running (I used to run long distance), and summer sports like beach volleyball. Least favourite activities involve certain team sports that I never tried much at and am inherently bad at like baseball and rugby. Don't ask me to be on your team, you'll regret it!
What do you do when you're not working or working out?
I don't do well lying around or relaxing, so I always have something on the go. Other than working as a dietitian, most of my time is spent keeping busy researching my next travel plans, dinner dates with friends, studying for some kind of nutrition-related certification, and preparing for my wedding in the fall. I love when I find time to casually sit with a book and read. Those moments are so satisfying, yet far and few between!
Did you always know you wanted to be a dietitian? What was the plan before this?

When I first discovered marine biology back in say Grade 1 I thought that was what I wanted to do. Until I realized it didn't involve just swimming with dolphins. But also, I hated physics and that was a prerequisite. My family owned grocery stores up north, so I grew up around food. I danced competitively and played sports (not baseball) growing up so nutrition was important. Once I made the connection between food and nutrition it was a natural fit.


Where do you find healthy recipes?
I take a lot of recipes from other dietitians or on pinterest and adapt it to my own preferences. I often find the fat content is a bit higher than what I need so I'll adjust them slightly by reducing the oil or choosing a lower fat cheese for example.
Three foods I couldn't live without - natural crunchy peanut butter, grainy bakery bread, and probably a fruit like banana. I tend to eat all three of these foods daily in some capacity. Sometimes more than once!
How long have you been flexible dieting?
I started honing in on my eating once I finished my post grad and was able to maintain a bit more of a steady schedule, about 5 years ago. Over the last two years I have been able to be more flexible with my eating since I'm able to plan my food for the day without having o track all the time as it's become natural.
What's the main positive thing you notice about living a flexible lifestyle?
What I love (and also talk about with my clients) is the ability to eat what you enjoy. It takes away the restrictions and rules traditional diets follow, which is the reason why they often fail. It's about eating real food to support your personal goals, whatever they may be.
How can you help a new client feel comfortable starting BODZii?
Embarking into a program that is heavily focused on someone's eating habits is very personal, I get it. We respect that and never take your relationship with food for granted. Food is everything. It's emotional, it's physical, it's spiritual, it's environmental. This program isn't just about giving you a diet plan, it's so much more than that because we account for all aspects that relate to food. Robyn and I strive to make this program work specifically for you.
Any words of wisdom?

Don't stress the small stuff. You will NEVER eat a perfect diet forever, nor should you. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Happy and healthy can exist on the same platform.