BODZii Success Story: Nicole Daniel

Nicole Daniel's Success Story

Nicole Daniel has been following our BODZii template for just over two months. It's safe to say that it's working and Nicole looks absolutely amazing. Here's what she has to say:

I started doing Crossfit at a smaller gym in February 2015. I had always liked strength training but hated cardio, so I feel in love with Crossfit immediately because I could combine both and have fun doing it. After about 6 months I was starting to get into pretty good shape, but then I started my first year of law school. Very quickly, my intense schedule and long commute wore me down and I stopped going to the gym. Then with the growing stress and a depressing winter, my nutrition spiralled out of control and I ate a lot of junk food for comfort. By the spring, I had put on about 20lbs and felt really uncomfortable in my body. In March 2016 I knew I owed it to myself to feel better, so I made fitness a priority again and started going back to Crossfit classes. At first it was a difficult transition back, and it was frustrating that I was lifting much less than I used to. But eventually my strength started coming back and I made it my mission to improve my endurance and get really serious about training. I had taken several classes with Derya and found that with her guidance I could understand and perform movements I never had before. I knew that she was the perfect person to help me reach my goals and help me take my fitness to the next level. I look forward to meeting with her weekly because every time she comes up with new and interesting tasks that push me to my limits. My meetings with her are always my best workout of the week because her energy is infectious and her own fitness is such an inspiration. With her strength training programming, I saw almost immediate improvements in all my lifts and I’m stronger than I ever thought possible. Now I’m doing things I never even dreamed of, like rope climbs and sled pulls, and I’ve accomplished my goal of doing a strict pull up. Once I started training with Derya, I stopped stress-eating and began to eat healthy again … or at least what seemed healthy. I thought carbs were the enemy and loaded up on protein. But as the intensity of my training increased, I was exhausted and though I was putting on muscle, I wasn’t losing fat as much as I had hoped. I finally realized that just eating “healthy” food and counting calories wasn’t enough, and I needed some guidance to understand my specific body’s nutritional needs. At the end of June 2017, I had a BODZii Nutrition consultation with Emilie, who gave me a macros template. It turns out I was consuming way more protein than I needed but not getting close to enough carbs. With my new template, I was actually eating more than I had been and it felt soooo good to eat carbs again! Knowing my macros has made it much easier to stay on track with my nutrition, and I was recovering so much faster. Now I’m always telling my friends that I don’t diet, I just make sure my body gets exactly what it needs to perform. All the amazing information Emilie gave me has also taught me so much about how foods affect blood sugar and the timing of what I eat. The best part of working from the template is that it fits in so well with my life; I can go out with friends, or occasionally have my favourite ice cream and my weight doesn’t spike up like it used to when I “cheated.” Since getting my template, the weight has practically been falling off and my endurance has improved so much—before, 30 seconds on the assault bike was hell, now I love the AB and go into beast mode. I’ve followed BODZii’s cutting program for about 3 months and I’ve lost the 20lbs I put on last winter while still gaining more muscle than I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle, but with Derya’s help and the BODZii template, it was easier and more fun than I thought it could be. Now I don’t worry about my weight or care about the scale, and soon I will have another consultation with Emilie for a new template to help take my performance and strength to the next level.


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