BODZii: Carmen Muniz's Story

Carmen Muniz was a member of BODZii for three months. Working with her  drove home the importance of being consistent and learning from your mistakes. Carmen from day 1 was dedicated to the program and was open to any suggestions I would throw her way. Starting off as quite an emotional eater, she's now able to move forward on her own with clarity and understanding of her relationship with food and continue on a lifetime of progress. Here's what Carmen had to say about BODZii.
This program means so much to me. It makes my life easier because I was having some problems with my eating. I didn't know how to handle events and parties with friends because I wanted to avoid eating out. Every day I tried to eat clean but if one day something "forbidden" touch my mouth I lost my control and I ate whatever I found in front of me. Now this behavior is a thing of the past, I enjoy food and I try to choose the best option but sometimes I just enjoy whatever I crave. The program taught me there is no good and bad food, what counts is the daily/weekly/monthly balance.
Nowadays, I'm happy with many different areas: of course workouts, I'd never had so much energy, also relationships. Now it's easier to spend time with my friends and my family, go shopping, and go to the store and be able to buy what I want... it makes my life easier and it gives me many choices for my meals!
I learned a lot of things about eating, recipes, how to control myself, healthy treats, differences between hungry and thirsty...! And the importance of making a fresh start after a day which was not what you expected! Now I now how to eat properly, what amount to feel better and to have enough energy my whole day and for my workouts. I'd never though I can eat so much and I feel confortable with this dieting because it's like not dieting, I can choose the food that I crave... I can include some sweets and chocolate...
The coaching was perfect for me. The thing I used to hate about dieting was that I couldn't make my own decisions.  Just thinking about someone else checking what I was eating made it easier to fit my macros - the most challenging thing about flexible dieting. Also I felt Robyn's support all the time and learned how to make mistakes and learn from them. Of course when I had doubts Robyn was there for me and I think she made this program work for me with her advice and understanding me all the time, thanks Robyn for all your work.
I'd recommend this program to all the people who have a goal related to eating properly. Here they can find the keys to success, but mindfulness and self control are the most important things and they're inside each one.

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