BODZii: What Do We Do Better?

Just like general nutrition advice, nutrition, weight loss and performance programs are being created and thrown out into the world left right and centre. This leaves people wondering what is it each one does and why it might be different than the last program they just stumbled across last week.

BODZii is a Nutrition and Lifestyle program that was launched in April 2017.


How do we do things differently? And what do we do better than everyone else?

  • At BODZii, we care about each individual on a personal level. Each client is given a different approach based on their experience, their lifestyle, and their goals.

  • Each task given to every client is within their comfort zone. We prioritize being ready, willing and able.

  • We give in depth feedback and make outcome-based decisions based on the progress of each week

  • We prioritize performance, happiness and well being above everything else

  • Our coaches care about every client as if they were family

  • Our coaches are constantly being educated and are always looking for new information to provide clients

  • We are just as open and honest with our clients as we expect our clients to be with us

  • We share personal experiences in order to create a comfortable coach/client relationship

  • We take into consideration the personality of each client and adjust our coaching based on every individual and what they want/need-  ie. a firm hand vs. a holding hand

  • We aren’t focused on keeping each client forever and we're not searching for past clients to return. We want the time spent with the client to be a time of education so they are able to continue on their own for a lifetime of progress

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, start by booking a coffee date with a coach to learn more. Contact and start playing with #teamBODZii

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