Getting Motivated

Are you getting into a slump? Not exactly feeling as motivated as you once were? These things happen, often when we set new goals we will put in 110% of our effort at the beginning, but slowly it seems to fade away as the days go on. Our effort tends to dwindle due to unrealistic expectations or from being too strict on ourselves and in turn leads us to never accomplishing our goals.

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Here are a few tips to stay motivated moving forward, which can be applied to any situation, such as eating habits, exercising, work life, etc. 

Set realistic expectations

 It is important to remember this is about the process and all the steps to take to achieve the goal. If you have a huge goal and attempt to tackle it all at once it can feel overwhelming and frustrating as to where to start. However, if you set smaller and simpler goals, you will feel more accomplished after each step is complete and it will help you stay motivated to reach the end. Goals are easier to accomplish by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time). By writing a specific small goal such as “meditate for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week”, it will seem less intimidating to accomplish than if you'd set a goal of "meditate everyday". That may be your ultimate goal, however not realistic to achieve from the start. 

Track Progress

The sense of accomplishment can help us to stay motivated to achieve the end goal. Track your progress in a calendar, by photos, or time stamps. When you feel unmotivated you can check back and see how much you have already achieved and it may push you to keep going.

Share your Goals

It can be difficult to stick to goals regardless of how small they may seem. It's is easy to brush them off if we don't hold ourselves accountable. Sharing your goals with people is a great way to help you stick to them. Tell a few friends, family, professionals etc. what goals your are working on. People we trust can keep us in-line and help us stay motivated. For example, they can ask how your healthy eating habits are going or if you've been working out like you promised them. Being held accountable will keep you motivated and focused, and they can also push you to work harder.

Change it up

Another tip is to change it up, whether it is your routine, diet, workout or environment. New things are always refreshing and will prevent you from getting tried of the "same old" and help you stay motivated.

Remember, Change is a Process

Lastly, do not be too hard on yourself, life happens. Remember that this is all a process and every step is important, negative and positive. You may even learn something new from that sidetrack that can prevent further discouragement. Do not forget to reward yourself throughout the whole process, this will help prevent any burnout that can happen. If you need a break, listen to your body and mind, it will be beneficial in the long run for your physical and mental health. A vacation, party, or minor injury that might set you back for the time being will not wreck the whole process.  

Emilie Trottier