Using the myBODZii App During The Lifestyle Challenge

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During the Lifestyle Challenge, every participant will have access to an App we've created to track progress. There are four major components to this App that we want everyone to take full advantage of!

1 - Athlete profile: Your athlete profile is where you will find your personal macronutrient profile along with your current metrics taken from your InBody scan. You can request a macronutrient change by emailing your designated challenge BODZii Nutrition coach if you feel that your macros do not suit your personal goals. You'll also be able to upload and view your progress photos here!

2 - Daily Check-in's: Every morning, you will answer 5 questions to determine your points for the previous day. These check-ins take 2 minutes! If you entered in something wrong, no problem at all! You can review and/or reset any check-in in a click of a button. Check-in's do not close, so if you're on vacation for a few days away from your phone, you'll be able to complete multiple check-in's at once. On your first and last check in, you'll be asked a few extra questions including your test WOD score and your Skeletal Muscle Mass along with Body Fat Percentage which you will find on your InBody scan sheet. 

3 - Leaderboard: After your complete your check-in's, your leaderboard will be updated immediately so you can create some friendly competition within your gym! 

4 - Library: In the library, you'll have things to read and things to watch. Your reading material is super important before the challenge kicks off. Reading through the modules will give you everything you need to know about the challenge, how it runs, whats expected and required of you in order for you to succeed, and how to gain points. We'll also go over this in our video modules which you can watch at any time. 


Your App is your key to success in the challenge. If you're ever having questions about how things work, please reach out to and we'll be happy to help or click the button below for any questions you have about the challenge and the App!


Robyn Marie