Seminar Recap and Welcome to Prep-Week!


Hey everyone,

Thanks for participating in this years Lifestyle Challenge. As promised, here is a recap on what you missed along with other important information and links that you should save to your browser for the upcoming 4 weeks. 

As of this afternoon, we have 88 people participating in this years challenge. That's going to make quite the leaderboard. Us coaches are excited to see it all play out!

Here's what we talked about at the seminar which you can also review on the 416 Lifestyle Challenge Facebook Page.

Emilie spoke about the Challenge Guidelines and what is required of you throughout the four weeks in order to gain points. She also spoke about nutritional science: What is a calorie? What is a macro and where can we find these? For more information on this, read our article on the blog HERE. 

Participants then broke out into groups and talked about how to read and compare nutrition labels, and meal prep.
View all the information you need about nutrition label reading and meal prep tips HERE. 

Finally, an introduction to MyBodzii (our new online platform to track progress) was presented. In order to make check-ins and update your leaderboard, you have to create a MyBodzii account HERE . (save this link) This is also when you will get your personal macronutrients. 
You first check in will be completed on the morning of Tuesday, January 16th. This is when you will upload your initial photos, your test WOD scores, and upload a scan of your InBody result sheet. 

For more information on InBody, visit their website at

If you have any questions along the way, there are 3 places you can ask your questions. 
1- On the Facebook Group wall. 
2- On our Live Feed Sunday and Thursday evenings with Robyn and Emilie hosted on the Facebook group
3-Emailing Please only use this email if you have already tried to get your question answered on the first two ways.

Last, we have a discount code for you to use with our partner, Honey Bee Meals! This meal delivery service delivers amazing meals (with their macros included!) right to your door.

Place your order for Wednesday or Sunday delivery at 


As we go into prep-week, there are a few things that you guys will want to think about in order to set yourself up for success once the challenge kicks off.

1- Download a food tracking app (we recommend MyFitnessPal). One on Thursday or Sunday evening, Emilie and Robyn will be going over some things in the app to make your life a little easier. If you have any questions, post it in the group! 

2- Clean out any temptations in the kitchen. Stock up your cabinets with ingredients to make some healthy snacks and good quality meats and veggies which will be the bulk of your meals.

3- Purchase a Fish Oil and Vitamin D Supplement. 3000mg of Fish oil and ~3000IU of Vitamin D is our daily recommendation. 

4-Start creating your habits this week. Monday the 15th is go time so prevent the challenge hitting you like a ton of bricks by easing your way into your new healthy habits over the next 6 days.

We're excited to see everything you guys will accomplish!

Thank you all and see you on the leaderboard!!


Emilie and Robyn

Robyn Marie