Why the Lifestyle Challenge is for You



If you're on the fence about participating in one our Lifestyle Challenges, let us push you over the edge to signing up. We know you won't be disappointed and here's why.

Yes nutrition is the main component of the challenge, but it isn't the ONLY area of health we are focused on. If nutrition is something you aren’t as interested in but want to improve your mobility, sleep, water intake, alcohol consumption, or physical fitness, this challenge is for you! It’s called the Lifestyle Challenge because that’s exactly what it does. It challenges your lifestyle for the better, whatever that may look like.  

This is by no means an all or nothing challenge. The goal of the challenge is to develop small, sustainable changes that become lifelong healthy habits. For those that are concerned that travelling or prior arrangements might disrupt the challenge and not allow them to partake, don’t worry about that. Interruptions are part of life, and the challenge is there to make you aware that commitments (whether you want them there or not!) will happen, but that we can’t forget all the healthy habits we’ve built. 

The Lifestyle Challenge is a community event. You will be supported by others who are in the same boat as you following the same guidelines, facing similar obstacles and celebrating personal successes. You will also receive ongoing support, education, and motivation from your Bodzii coaches. At any stage you're in, there's always room to improve.

Do yourself a favour and sign up!

Emilie & Robyn

Robyn Marie