Week Two Challenge Recap!

I'm sitting here writing this blog post for all you challenge members feeling really proud and slightly overwhelmed by the successes I've been hearing about only half way through. You guys have dedicated yourself to something great and have put your trust in myself and the other coaches to help you reach your goals. For that, I am so thankful! 

I want to give a shout out to those members who have been struggling to eat the amount of food they were given (you know who you are) but stuck to the process and trusted it. Now, with more energy than ever, they're just crushing their workouts. Proud of you! (Also jealous of the amount of food you get to eat....)

A shout out to Scott Enright who's down about 6lbs already, Daniele Magditsch who's already down around 5lbs as well, and Laura Beckford who has been absolutely determined to beat you all in this years challenge. Really guys, look out for her. She's a force. 

Leaderboard Updates will be posted on the chalkboard in the gym every week so you guys can see who your competition is. 

For this week, I would love for you guys to share more successes on the Facebook Group so everyone can see and get motivated. Any size success is a reason to celebrate. Whether it's avoiding temptation, cooking or trying a new meal, or getting through the day hitting your water intake. All these are amazing. I'd also love to see you guys mobilizing! Just because our week one mini challenge is over, it doesn't mean we don't want you see you whipping out a lacrosse ball in the middle of work.  

We're extending our Colourful Foods Challenge until Tuesday this week so you guys have some extra time to get in your entries! Let's see the page LIT with colour.

Heading into week three, know that you're over the hump and now that you're starting to see some changes, use that motivation to keep on moving forward. 

Don't forget that I will be LIVE on facebook again this Thursday. Please post any questions on the group that you would like me to talk about, or even just topics of conversation! Tune in at 5pm on the group to hang out.

I'm excited to see what week three brings!


-Coach Robyn





Robyn Marie