Week One Challenge Recap!

Welcome to week two of the challenge!

Congratulations to everyone who has made it through week one. Heading into week two, we want to keep that momentum going and make sure that everyone has just as successful of a week as the first one. What can we do to make sure that we don't lose steam??

First, check your mindset. Are you going into this week congratulating yourself that you made it through week one? If so, this could lead to some "celebratory snacks" or some "I deserve this beer". Instead, try and head into this week as if it's week one all over again and you're ready to crush it. Put in the same amount of effort as you did day 1! 

Second, don't slack of your prep game. #PrepGameStrong. Continue to pack lunches, meal prep for those meals that you tend to skip out on and don't forget to prepare that post workout meal for your extra point. 

If any of you are not feeling like yourself going into week two, don't forget that your body is going through some changes. Changes in diets can cause energy fluctuations, mood increase or decrease, changes in sleep patterns etc. So keep and eye on all these things and make sure to ask questions about if these changes are normal. Your body will get used to you feeding it great food, I promise! 

Third, stick to the basics. Don't forget that this challenge is all about the basics. It's easy to get caught up with macronutrients, meal timing and frequency etc. At the end of the day, aim to hydrate well, sleep well, exercise with intensity and eat good, high quality balanced meals. If you can master this, you're ahead of the game!

Here are some highlights from week one to keep you guys going!

Robyn Marie