Your Health Is An Investment

Your health and fitness is an investment, not an expense 

For a lot of us, time is money. 

We can’t seem to find the time in our day to be healthy because frankly, work is more important. Going out with friends is more important, and seeing family is more important. Am I right?

Your days and weeks are packed with birthdays, work meetings, appointments, going to the gym, more work meetings, replying to emails, doing laundry, making your bed, dinners with friends, visiting your parents, taking care of your sick parents or grandparents, making time for friends you haven’t seen in a while, all while trying to take care of yourself by putting some time aside to read, watch tv, and decompress. Shall I go on?

First, I’ll tell you WHY I think making your health a priority is important. I’ll make it pretty simple - You will feel better and you will look better. Next time you’re doing any one of these tasks or you’re cramming in an undone task that’s been on your to do list for a week, ask yourself how you feel. When’s the last time you ate? What did you eat? Was it enough to keep your brain and body from feeling like it’s going to shut down? Did it have enough vitamins and minerals in it to help you get through all of your tasks… sane?

Ticking things off your to-do list is a great feeling only if you’re feeling great while getting them done.

Here’s are some ways to help you realize you have the time.

  • Decide that you do, in fact, have time. Simply telling yourself regularly that you can do this will give you a kick start. There's nothing quite like a little motivational self-talk.
  • Get a dedicated calendar. Plan out your days and your weeks ahead of time. Allot 1-3 periods of time a week to go to the grocery store and make some meals. Keep this to 2 hours maximum each time unless you know you’re able to cram it all in once go. If this isn’t planned ahead in your calendar, you won’t do it. 
  • Plan your outings. Is going out to dinners really an excuse of being too busy to be healthy? Or are you just unaware of the healthier food choices that are available to you while you’re out and about? Doing small research ahead of time and planning where you’re going to go will help a tremendous amount in making sure you’re not either over eating or eating things you know you won’t feel good about in the morning.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. I think this one goes really unnoticed but can be a huge factor in determining whether or not someone makes progress with their diet. If you find yourself constantly saying yes to outings, partying, and lunch meetings, know that “No” is also an option. Another option is maybe saying no to a lunch meeting, but yes to a coffee meeting where there are lighter options available. Saying yes might mean putting off feeling guilty that you had to reject someones offer immediately, but it means feeling guilty for much longer after a heavy night of eating and drinking. 

Sure, all these are easier said than done and we know that maybe you've even tried one or all of these things before without them working. Working with someone to not only make sure you start tasks like these but hold you accountable to stay consistent with them is what will set you apart from the rest. 

Making sure that we give you manageable tasks that won't cause you to backslide is what sets us apart from the rest. Together, we make a great team.

Work with us and realize that yes, you do have time to make health, fitness, and your performance goals a priority.

Robyn Marie