Building A Beast: Marta Wajda's Story

Over the past 3 months, Marta has been working with Coach Robyn to dial in some lifestyle habits that were getting in the way of her potential. Along the way, she lost 8 lbs but more importantly she's fitter, healthier, happier and more balanced than ever. Here's what she has to say about her progress so far:


I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to work with Coach Robyn for the past 3 months. When I first consulted Robyn, I explained to her some of my challenges with not being able to achieve my performance or body composition goals. Even though I had these “output” goals; Robyn quickly realized that my issues were with my “inputs” like food and sleep. I had already been logging my meals and activities but she identified that I was changing too much, too often - not allowing my body to adapt to a homeostasis state.


We first tackled overall macros and calories, and brought focus to my sleep habits. Once we built consistency with this foundation, We then worked on managing stress and meal/sleep timing. This was the most difficult part, as I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked it to be. However, I definitely started to improve my performance and results when I truly dedicated myself to making changes.


This made me realize how important my mindset was in this process. It’s one thing to sit down and feel passionate about a goal; but to actually put in the effort every day is always a struggle as it’s easy to lose that purpose and passion when surrounded by so many other daily tasks. Knowing this, Robyn helped me find ways to become self-aware of my goals on a more consistent basis and also help me prioritize my focus on sleep, meals and training when dealing with stress or lack of time.


Even though I had moments of highs and lows in this process, I am happy to say that I’ve improved a lot of my overall lifestyle within these past 3 months. From hitting new PRs to setting some of habits. I look forward to working with Robyn again!



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