Our story

If you ask us what the best diet is, we'll answer "for who?" 

BODZii is a lifestyle. We are a program designed to lead you to self-improvement by creating behavioural change and ultimately help you make better decisions about what food you eat. Our coaches work with you to make outcome-based decisions that lead you to a lifestyle you can be proud of. We’re not interested a quick-fix or telling you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We’re interested in helping you learn more about yourself and your body by establishing healthy habits, healthy minds and empowerment while working towards your ideal body composition. We take a flexible dieting approach by providing each client with macronutrient measurements to follow and templates as a guide along the way.

Our nutrition coaches work closely with Emilie Trottier, our team Registered Dietitian, to create individualized and progressive programs based around your current and ever-changing goals. These programs can be modified to fit any dietary restriction. If you’re looking to see positive sustainable results and are tired of not feeling or looking like your ideal self, work with us! We will help.